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Collagen infused energy drink

Available in 3 delicious flavours

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Cold Brew

Coffee + Collagen

Signature Blend

With Vitamin C & Zinc

Experience vibrant days with our signature blend, vitamin-infused Ugandan coffee, boasting 10g premium collagen and 100% RDI Vitamin C & Zinc for energy and joint care. No weird stuff, just vitality!

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Coffee + Collagen - Signature Blend

Matcha + Collagen

Signature Blend

With Vitamin C & Zinc

Infuse vitality into your day with our Japanese ceremonial matcha, boasting 10g collagen and 100% RDI Vitamin C & Zinc. Energize and nurture nails, skin, and joints. Energise Your Everyday!

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Matcha + Collagen - Signature Blend

Cold Brew

Coffee + Collagen

Vanilla & Turmeric

With Vitamin C & Zinc

Revitalize your day with our bold blend of vanilla-turmeric Ugandan coffee. Packed with 10g collagen, Vitamin C & Zinc for energy and joint care. 


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Coffee + Collagen - Vanilla & Turmeric

"Oh my gosh, it's the nicest cold brew I've had!"

Jennifer K


"For a working Mum as myself, I love to have a strong hit of coffee and the fact that Bizzi has Collagen and your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C and Zinc is an absolute bonus!"

Rachel P


“I love black, iced coffee and since it is infused with collagen, saves me taking an extra supplement!”

Kiersten G.


“Tasty matcha drink—please come to Germany!”

Andy S.


"Loving the drinks! I can't taste the collagen which has always been my complaint when I've tried it as a supplement in the past. I am now a Bizzi collagen daily user, Thanks!"

Elizabeth J


"Love It! Could have paid $8 in Beverly Hills last week for it. The Bizzi Cold Brew x Collagen is strong, slightly bitter but in a good way. How do I order a subscription?"

Luke M.


"Ooooo Lala! All of France will go gaga for Bizzi! I'm a fan of all three and I love the energy boost."

Christophe C.

"I'm a girlie-girl and love that there is 10 grams of Collagen in every can. Give me a subscription please!"

Annie G.


"How cute are these cans?! Love all things Bizzi."

Gemma I.


" I've never had Matcha before and now I love it. Thanks Bizzi, this will be my daily vitality boost!"

Tim D.