A bit about Bizzi.

A bit about Bizzi.

At Bizzi, we envision a world where each day is embraced with renewed energy, vibrant health and a sense of purpose. 

At Bizzi, we envision a world where each day is embraced with renewed energy, vibrant health and a sense of purpose. 

We are committed to being the driving force behind your everyday wellbeing, not just as makers of functional beverages, but as your trusted companion on the journey to a more vibrant and authentic you.

Our mission at Bizzi is two-fold: we are dedicated to delivering exceptional products in the ready to drink coffee category and the functional ready to drink category, providing you with the energy and wellness you need to seize the day.

But we don't stop there. As we grow as a brand, our mission extends into other food and beverage categories, all with the singular purpose of making every Bizzi day easier and more fulfilling with our nurturing products. Whether it's delivering the perfect coffee of pioneering new solutions across various categories, our dedication to innovation, rigorous research, and boundless creativity remains at the heart of our journey.

Together, We Are Bizzi, and together, we're redefining your daily experience for a healthier and more vibrant You.

About the founder

About the founder

Ashley Verma's journey from a successful 16-year Broadway career to launching a thriving barre fitness studio showcased her unwavering commitment to hard work and creativity. However, it was after becoming a mother to Adiya that she felt a profound calling.

In response, she birthed the Bizzimumzi platform in April 2022, with the enthusiastic support of global athleisure brand, Fabletics. What began as a podcast soon evolved into a thriving online hub, featuring not only the podcast but also blogs from inspiring Bizzimumzi contributors worldwide and free empowering workouts.

Ashley's vision extends far beyond conversation. She envisions the Bizzimumzi brand enriching 'Bizzi' lifestyles through a range of products, nurturing and caring for individuals across the globe.

"Oh my gosh, it's the nicest cold brew I've had!"

Jennifer K


"For a working Mum as myself, I love to have a strong hit of coffee and the fact that Bizzi has Collagen and your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C and Zinc is an absolute bonus!"

Rachel P


“I love black, iced coffee and since it is infused with collagen, saves me taking an extra supplement!”

Kiersten G.


“Tasty matcha drink—please come to Germany!”

Andy S.


"Loving the drinks! I can't taste the collagen which has always been my complaint when I've tried it as a supplement in the past. I am now a Bizzi collagen daily user, Thanks!"

Elizabeth J

"Love It! Could have paid $8 in Beverly Hills last week for it. The Bizzi Cold Brew x Collagen is strong, slightly bitter but in a good way. How do I order a subscription?"

Luke M.


"Ooooo Lala! All of France will go gaga for Bizzi! I'm a fan of all three and I love the energy boost."

Christophe C.


"I'm a girlie-girl and love that there is 10 grams of Collagen in every can. Give me a subscription please!"

Annie G.


"How cute are these cans?! Love all things Bizzi."

Gemma I.


" I've never had Matcha before and now I love it. Thanks Bizzi, this will be my daily vitality boost!"

Tim D.